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UFO's are Real!


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All of these images were taken from the Buzz Aldrin interview video,

That has been removed by Youtube, (of course) but here is another company version of the video.



NASA claimed that this was a Lunar Module panel that was blown off, but as you will see, it wasn't.

And it wasn't the Russians since their Lunar 15, crashed at the same time, Apollo got off the launchpad; and Sputnik was the only other man made object near the earth at that time.


So NASA's cover story is these panels spinning end to end, away from the Module are the UFO.

So analyzing all of the images l took within 30 seconds and in order show a 3D craft that is spinning or more accurately moving in one direction and then stopping and moving in the opposite direction.



These are the actual images, (cleaned as much as possible) from the video.


Doesn't quack like a duck,....



and looks nothing like these.


This is the Lunar 15, Russian probe that reached the moons orbit and crashed about the time the first Apollo rocket was launching.


These panels also weight around 10 tonnes each, and clearly do not move in one direction then change.


So the verifiable UFO that is following the Apollo module, does not look like the panel, does not move the way the panel is moving, (the panel is spinning away from us) does not have the obvious shapes and black lines, and does not have the elevation.

In other words, this is probably the first verifiable image of a UFO, that does not fit NASA's cover story in any way, shape or form.

Pretty obvious that this is a UFO or advanced type shuttle, (as in Sci Fi movies) that is being controlled by aliens, most likely from a base on the Earth on its way to another on the moon, (albeit waving their hands).

And the panels were 11,000k's away when a 70's video camera supposedly took video of it, (lucky if a video camera could take this at 1000km away, 11,000 it would be a flickering blob at best or more likely a flicker of light).




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2 hours ago, britanica said:

I never really looked into what is involved with making a saucer craft. That is pretty interesting stuff!

I do wonder why this was always the norm. Is it in terms of what we understand for physics? 

I would say so, if we punched the air we are creating a repulsive force, albeit tiny and if we jumped off a bridge we would be temporately weighless so any repulsive force then has a far stronger affect.

The genius of this configuration is centralizing it.

There used to several TY videos showing this, but they are probably gone now.

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