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Psychic Abilities are Real


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4 hours ago, Bonnie Vent said:


I noticed the above video is not available.  

I am a medium and channeler of a high level group known as: The Connection.  

If you are interested I would be happy to share my videos here. 


Sure go ahead, and remember all members can put a link in their signature areas if they wish, (more details in the newbies start here section).




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I am a scientist who has experienced psychic abilities. You can only stretch coincidence so far. Science only deals with repeatable experiments. It is only real if you can repeat it at other times and places. Psychic occurrences cannot be forced like measuring the heat capacity of a solid. We have to accept this, and state a result in context. It may not be repeatable, but it still deserves consideration.



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They likely removed it because they started cracking down on conspiracy theory type stuff. Anything dealing with super natural events likely falls into that. Unless it is purely educational and you can site references, they likely will just keep removing stuff. It started with Alex Jones. I never liked the man but I knew once they removed him, they would start going after everyone else. 

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