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Magnetic Vortex Generator

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I saw this a while ago, and it looked genuine.

Tried to create a similar design, by using smaller rare earth magnets.

First design shown here failed, but the more robust second one got closer, the overall design are the 3D printed elements, but without the generators, etc.


This was how the first attempt looked, (or pretty flimsy and it fell to bits when l tried to put the magnets in).


And my second try, or a lot more solid, and the magnets went in ok.


This is a closeup of one of the generators, which is really a PC fan.


And this is how it all looks when put together.


This is the top elements with two wheels and a large rare earth magnet in the middle.


And this is my first attempt, the PVC thick pipe added too much weight, and the magnets weren't powerful enough.

The second design showed promise or when l put the magnetic close to the wheel and pull away at the right time, (as in the first video, except that l used my hand) it does spin and makes electricity, but trying to make it work and generate a current on its own is tough.

Or l tried to go from point A to C, to save time.

Or really just posting it here for any ideas, as to how can l get rid of the clumsy and hard to raise bar at the right time?

Tried magnetic shielding, bi-polar magnetics, (they don't exist) and everything inbetween.




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On 3/26/2022 at 10:20 AM, britanica said:

Have you ever tried working with water-powered energy? Some people seem to be able to do this quite easily at home if they live near a moving water source. You just need a good batter I suppose to store it all. 

No, but a guy in AU did develop an overunity device, then sold it to our gov, that naturally buried it, so an over unity device is more of what l am into.

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