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Tesla, Free, Energy Device

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The shopping list, and schematic, (you can ask someone at the electrical shop, even though they will be scratching their heads).

And how it looks.




And how it performs.

As you can see l am holding this up in the air and getting .05 volts.

So 10, is .1 volt, 100, 10 volt's, and so forth.

1,200 12 volts.

24,000 of these would power a house, free, forever, and since there are no moving parts, and redundancies could be factored in,, (build 25k) this could be very, low maintenance, the computer could handle, stitching if one failed.

Sure you would need a paddock, and sure with metal poles in the ground this could be reduced to under 10k, but it works.



And this isn't drawing radio signals from the air, and converting them into volts, since independent tests have been done in outback regions in the US, with more powerful systems than this, and it doesn't make any difference. This is drawing zero, point, energy or volts from the air, which occur worldwide from interactions from our sun and Earths magnetic fields.




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On 3/26/2022 at 10:17 AM, britanica said:

Tesla got ripped off man. I feel like we'd be living a lot different lives if they didn't try to make money off all of his inventions or steal them to make money off them. Maybe we will know more about his work in the future. 

Agreed, you should take a look at Greers videos on free energy l posted on this forum, that explains why we are not seeing it.

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