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Decent UFO, Video Footage


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Study the video footage and this craft appears to be fighting the strong winds up there, and trying to keep its nose down, (genuine alien craft, create their own space/time field so there is no fighting).

As well as it flying slowly and having what appears to be a cockpit at the tip, (or in other words this thing is big).


This thing is partially transparent, and big, so either a mad scientist, doing trial runs, or, no, a gov, department wouldn't go to all that trouble to make it look cool. So more likely some bored millionaire, with a farm giving it a spin.

There are three different ways l know of to create an anti-gravity affect, while MSM, mess about with flywheels and other distractions.

Unlikely this could handle space, or this is more for show, (look at my cool UFO in my barn, kind of deal).




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