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My 8 potential ufo sightings / strange occurrences in the sky


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New here :) nice to see forums still kicking in the era of facebook

Back to subject:

In USA, Delray Beach, FL:


In USA, Waltham, MA:
Shiny disk-like (?) object?


In USA, Chelmsford, MA:
Could very well be a reflection (and probably is), but still a weirdly looking piece.


In Lithuania, Siauliai:
The classic cigar shaped ufo photo?


In USA, Waltham, MA:
Rotating unknown object?


In USA, Waltham, MA:
Four UFOs or just balloons?

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Nice one Yall, but please embed your videos in the future so we can get a better look at them, (cut and paste the URL into here and it should appear).

I will run this one through Photoshop and post the images here. And welcome.

PS and take a look at the UFO l researched that followed the Apollo astronauts in the 60's inwards.




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Couldn't get much from your video, but it is a 2001 Space Odyssey looking craft type shape with a triangular base, and is most likely a shiny, gray color.


Impossible to tell if this is a craft someone has hidden behind his hay stack, which he tinkers with on weekends, or a genuine alien craft.

Antigravity is relatively easy to develop, (Youtube probably still has the videos) but in the real world, scientists play dumb and say they don't know how to do it.

Since antigravity can be militarized, same old crap that has kept our society back 100 years.



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