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Upgrading to a Nintendo Switch OLED Screen Very soon...


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This is about the best comparison video, (the gray one below is mine, and the top, left hand is what l will be trading it in for.

Adding that Monster Hunter, (did a review on the Zelda thread) has small text, which can be a real nightmare on the Lite.

And the Lite joystick is pretty hard on my fingers, so upgrading to something with more professional joystick controls is another reason.

They have pretty much sold out where l live, (Vic/Au) because of a special deal with trading in your NSwitch, (not the lite one, even though it can still be traded in).

I will update here when l manage to get one, and have broken it in.



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Well, finally did it.


Mine doesn't look as good as this since it has a plastic screen protector.

And l didn't bother with transferring my account across, since it involves taking home the new one and old, then doing it and bringing the old one back in store and getting the trade $ off the first purchase.

Couldn't be bothered, and it was quicker to just type in country of origin and such again.

But Monster Hunter looks pretty damn good with Vivid OLED mode on, (it can be turned off in settings) and makes it more believable.

And signed up to the store, but not much there that is actually free, although being able to buy Nintendo 64 games, like Zelda, Super Mario and others has spruced my interest).

And you can assign memory on this one, (the Nintendo Lite, doesn't allow designation).

And MH, also has a lot of text, (some quite small) which is hell on the Lites small screen, and good on this much larger one.


And at the moment l am trying to find a better controller, since the ones above slide in either side and when you hold one some give is obvious, (which most likely will lead to one breaking off, and damaging any future trade in options).


But overall pretty happy. :classic_happy:



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Ok, the new controller has arrived. And has plenty of good and some bad, (Monster Hunter is shown, although since it is an overcast day, and my camera used a flash, it is hard to see).


Button response is very good, even though this is blue-toothed to the console, joystick is a lot more comfortable than the Nintendo brand ones, (this is curving down instead of up) and the Boost and Turboboost buttons are a Godsend, (you can set it to fire without pressing a button and fire when you do) which l am still messing with, but l love it.

And now the bad, "X", "Y", etc buttons are slightly on the cheap side, (this is probably knit picking) and pressing the Home button usually won't start the screen from Sleep Mode, so turning the power off and on, or pulling the screen out and back in and pulling the plug, is required.

These are pretty minor considering it looks cool, is easy to hold, has the Turbo function, which gives you a real advantage when slaying monsters and the like, and has a pretty thick plastic back, so you wont' be holding this one day waiting for the inevitable snap, (this doesn't connect like Nintendo brands do, but it still slides in firmly).

But it is still a bit loose, so l put half a dozen sticky labels on each other on the back and it is very firm now.

Also another point is it was a nightmare trying to blue-tooth this joystick controller to the screen, (this was partiality due to the vague instructions) and l must have been at it for an hour, before it dawned on me that the screen has to be docked with this, then it will pair, (no connection apart from the power, and no sign of the joysticks being on, and no SYNC button).

But slot in your game console screen and it is quick and easy.

Well, that is about it, pretty happy all up, and unlikely that l would consider a refund, especially since no one in Australia sells anything similar, or as good.

Well, better get of my laptop and back to Monster slaying, lol. :classic_laugh:



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