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Hey everyone!


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I have been looking for a forum for quite some time that covered topics such as aliens, conspiracies, paranormal, and so on. I was part of a Facebook group that got nuked for "misinformation". Really sick of that word these days... :classic_dry:

Anyway, I have been on the hunt for a new space to join where I don't have to worry about being silences for asking questions. This place looks to fit the bill! I love the categories and the look of the forum. I was hoping for a dark theme, or is that an option? I am not sure!

Either way - I am happy to be a member here and look forward to talking with everyone and meeting new online peeps! 

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Welcome to the forum! I am happy to see more people joining. I hope you enjoy it here. It is a very chill place with some friendly members. The more active it gets, the more the community will grow and I am looking forward to it! You can't really have discussions like this on social media platforms anymore so forums are like a safe haven of sorts. 

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