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Is There a Way to Restore Vision Naturally?

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Most likely.


Or l have been taking this supplement for years, with promising results, or at least enough to keep taking it. Up to recently it was improving by a noticeable amount every year, (probably around 3% improvement) but with Covid, and my State in AU, being one of the strictest on the planet, (stress and tension) have not shown any noticeable change, although my vision has remained in check, which is something.

I am also using these...


which are called pinhole glasses. They are cheap to expensive, and Ebay is probably the best place to get one. And the frame is typically made of rigid plastic so they won't last forever, but l can watch tv, (l have an old, CRT tv, so the screen isn't huge) with these, knowing that it is strengthening my eye muscles, as well as saving me a fortune on yearly prescriptions, (WARNING, DO NOT DRIVE WITH THESE). Or these are good for sitting and standing while doing whatever,

And the sides broke off my pair some time ago, so l bought a cheap pair of glasses from a second hand store and put those on.

And they do not work in Cinema's, unfortunately.


So with Covid these two steps have kept my eyesight in check, and after our premier comes to his senses, it should improve.


Not affiliated.

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