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What is the difference between The Bar and The Club?

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4 hours ago, YellowDragon said:

Both appear to be off topic sections but I would imagine each for a different purpose?

I was going to make a thread and I am not quite sure where it belongs between the two. Is one specifically for general chat and the other music, media, etc.? Or am I overlooking something? 

No, you have pretty much nailed it.  The Club is for light hearted goofing around, and the Bar is more serious, although l guess computer games could be in either but adults play them so.


Adult hobbies, more serious videos, black humor, contraversal music videos, etc Bar.

Jokes, hobbies, music videos, kitten videos, etc Club.

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Oh okay. I wanted to make sure. So the Bar is for topics you would generally talk about in a bar setting and the Club should be considered family friendly. I am assuming the forum is going to be mostly if not all adults in terms of members but having a more relaxed place is a good idea. Thanks for letting me know. 

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