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How to Maximize Dopamine & Motivation


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I had a talk with my brother somewhat on the same topic and we both came to the same conclusion. Even if it is not people seeking pleasure in the absence of hard work, our moral and societal decay is happening because of empty pleasures. 

I look around and see people being proud of things they would have felt embarrassed of just 10 years ago. They are taking pride in things they didn't have to work hard to achieve or not even work at all to obtain. At the same time these people look at those who are disciplined, have morals and values, and seek to better themselves through hard work as a problem. It is insane. 

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I watched a video the other day that talked about people striving for power, not happiness and I feel like that ties into this. Having power of any margin or scale requires hard work, patience, critical thinking, and commitment. I think we are either in the middle of a great awakening or the final whimpers of several dying empires. 

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