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Chinese Spy Balloon?


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I can't believe in 2023, this is a thing and the US military just let it happen. They knew it went over Alaska and then over Canada, and ended up in Montana... You know, where one of the large bases for the US nukes are. Apparently, this wasn't the first time either. It just blows my mind. It tells me that the CCP owns too many people in this country. We already know they pretty much own Canada at this point and they are pushing to implement their social credit score system there in the coming years. 


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They took it down. I think it was somewhere near Florida. This isn't the first one. It is not the last either. I feel like the people in the US government that sold their souls to the CCP are in on it. They had no intentions of even telling the public about this. 

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There was another one that was shot down over Hawaii this weekend. 

I wonder how many of these things they have taken down that they are not even reporting on. People aren't even talking about them anymore.

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