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Biden's state of the union speech is happening tonight...


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I bet he gaslights his way through everything and pretends the economy is doing great - meanwhile meats, dairy, and a bunch of other goods are expected to jump up in price anywhere from 3% to 14% in 2023. I just don't understand how there are still people defending this.

Unless you a some sort of crooked stock trader or scam artist, you are likely being hit negatively with this nonsense.

What makes it worse is that everything the US screws up, screws up so many other countries. 

I just expect to be lied to again, same as usual as there are growing concerns at the border, prices of everything are going up, the housing market is in a horrible state, there are more and more pushes to civil war, and now we have to worry about China attacking us. Fantastic. 

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I did not watch it but I saw clips of it floating around since it happened. I was laughing. The dude should not be president. What the heck is going on in this clown world!? He lied at least 10 times from what I saw and there is a great channel on YouTube (Don't Walk Run) where he debunks a lot of the BS Biden says. 

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Same sort of crap in Australia where a columnist in the paper says how wonderful he is but for some unknown reason 70% of Americans think that he needs to go.

There are two camps on the planet now, one that thinks humanity is wonderful and everything is good, and another who knows that humanity is about as sick and evil as it can be and a lot of good will come from this, (no trust for big pharma, free energy being commercially available soon, etc).

You either perish with the false narrative or become part of the new one.



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