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Are Vaccines Affective

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An eye opener that l am 33 minutes into, but it shows that the Doctors worldwide are going with a flawed assumption.

And as usual overwhelming evidence proving otherwise is buried, probably because of the profits involved.

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I saved a documentary on my computer a few years back from YouTube about the truth dealing with vaccines led by a group of very concerned doctors and scientists and this reminds me a lot of that. I think Robert F. Kennedy was in part of it. Might be several parts, I can't remember. I saved it because I knew they would start purging information. I have other things saved as well that can't be found on YouTube anymore.

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I said it for years that I think the reason so many children and teens have severe allergies today compared to 20 years ago ties in with flu vaccination. I don't recall having a single kid in my entire school that had a peanut allergy but not millions of children do. Same with all sorts of other allergies. Vaccines suppress the immune system, especially if they are given to children under the age of 1.5 years because the immune system is not fully formed until that point. It relies heavily on mother's milk of which less women use and instead opt for formula. 

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