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Prophecy can only be fulfilled in history and the only reliable connection is with numbers and colors.  Start with a big number like "a thousand years" where they reigned with Christ in Chapter 20 of the Apocalypse.  The Byzantine Empire was a Christian empire and it did last a thousand years.  Constantinople, the capital, has all the characteristics of Babylon the Great.  It has many waters, seven hills, merchants, fallen twice, and can be found no more at all.  It is also a mystery.  All we need now is to identify the seven heads and ten horns.  Daniel will help us do this. 

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Daniel's fourth beast has ten horns which will help us identify the two beasts in John's Apocalypse.  He can also help us identify a number which could refer to years.  Before we look at what happened in the year 666, we need to understand what makes a beast a beast in the mind of Daniel.  Most agree that Babylon is a beast for destroying the first temple.  Rome destroyed the second one and Greece desecrated it.  To get a fourth beast we need a third temple and the Dome of the Rock is preventing it.  That makes Islam the fourth beast and it just so happens that around the year 666 they were getting ready to attack Constantinople.  The Ottoman Empire, the tenth dynasty of Islam, ended the thousand year empire.  It was one of the seven dynasties of Rome that started it.  The numbers are falling into place.  We will need colors to identify the four horsemen and to see how they fit in.  

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I never actually tied much of this to Islam but this is an interesting observation none the less. Where does the seven seals tie into this?

The one that seems to be most interesting is the pale horse.

"And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

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10 hours ago, britanica said:

The one that seems to be most interesting is the pale horse.


It is also the most difficult to identify.  So far all I have is the Pale of Settlement which looks a lot like Ukraine.  

Thanks for stopping by.


10 hours ago, britanica said:

Where does the seven seals tie into this?

I started with Mohammed as the rider of the red horse from the Red Sea.

Marx, the father of communism from the Black Sea, would be the rider of the black horse. 

Here are the two greatest threats to Christianity. 

Not so easy was the rider of the white horse from the White Sea. 

That will be the next post. 


Before we look at the problem with the White Sea, we need to look at the bow in the hand of the white horse rider,  The first use of the word 'bow' in the bible is a covenant between God and man.  A man who made the world safe for Christians is Constantine but he is not from the White Sea.  You could say he is from the Aegean Sea or the Mediteranean Sea aka the white sea.  That would fit with Mohammed from the Red Sea and Marx the father of communism from the Black Sea.  There is no Pale Sea but there is a Pale of Settlement and it looks like Ukraine.  

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Revelation for Dummies 


Seven Heads = the seven dynasties of the Roman Empire 

Rider of the White Horse = Constantine 

Babylon the Great = Constantinople 

A Thousand Years = The Byzantine Empire 

Rider of the Red Horse = Mohammed 

666 = the beginning of Islam in the Julian Calendar 

666 = the attack on Constantinople in the Gregorian Calendar 

Ten Horns = the ten dynasties of Islam 

Rider of the Black Horse = Marx 

Two Witnesses = The Byzantine Empire and The Holy Roman Empire 

Little Book = The Apocalypse 

New Jerusalem = Rome 




Daniel for Dummies 


The Four Beasts = Babylon, Greece, Rome, and Islam 

The King of the South = Mohammed 

His Daughter = Fatimah

The King of the North = Muawiyah 

The Little Horn = Saladin 

The Tax Collector = Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan 

The Abomination of Desolation = The Dome of the Rock  

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Why is Babylon the Great a mystery
It wasn't a mystery for Peter. Everyone knew Rome had seven hills. Constantinople only had six until Theodosius II extended the walls to include the seventh hill. That is still a mystery for most who want to discredit the Church in Rome. Everyone knows where Rome is but only Constantinople can be found no more at all


Another Mystery - 
Where did "Reign of Christ" come from? Not from the bible. You can't find it in the bible. You can find it on the internet. So what is in the bible? They "reigned with Christ". So "reign of Christ" is a misinterpretation of the bible. Based on what? Chapter 20 follows chapter 19. So Christ appears to return in chapter 19 and the reign with Christ starts in chapter 20. Victorinus doesn't think so. He came up with the theory of recapitulation which holds that each vision, or each chapter, should be evaluated by itself. In other words, the chapters are not necessarily in chronological order. According to Victorinus the Apocalypse cannot be understood without the recapitulation concept. History has confirmed this. Don't bother looking. Only the future can fulfill your interpretation of prophecy. 


Irenaeus mentioned ancient copies of the Apocalypse and thanks to Victorinus and Eusebius, we have reason to believe there were early versions of the Apocalypse that did not contain the seven churches, Patmos, Jesus, etc. The use of the word 'lamb' found 27 times in the Apocalypse suggests it was John the Baptist who wrote the first version of the Apocalypse. Eusebius mentions six of the seven churches but never associates them with the Apocalypse. Victorinus mentions the seven churches Paul wrote to but not the ones John wrote to.  This is a mystery that demands a reasonable explanation. 
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Wow. This is some pretty interesting stuff. Where did you start researching all of it @chrysostom?

I do find it fascinating that more and more things are being proven to be a reality and they have been in the holy bible for a long time. One of the more recent ones being that they discovered a HUGE body of water under the ground that seems to signify the great flood really did happen. 

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On 4/2/2023 at 6:44 AM, JRexx said:

Where did you start researching all of it

Thank you for asking.  Twenty five years ago this guy called my pope a whore on TV and referenced the last book of the bible.  That got me started.  I became a historical detective.  Twenty years ago I got on my first of many religious forums.  It has been a lot of fun.  Thank you for your interest. 


a translation 
A Bible - 
A different interpretation.  Would you believe 60 different English interpretations?  They can't agree on the Word of God.  Who or what can you trust?  Numbers?  Numbers in the bible somehow survived all the translations.  All the versions.  All the interpretations.  Numbers can help us connect history to the prophecies.  
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a thousand 
A Big Number - 
A place to start.  A thousand years is real.  A time when they reigned with Christ.  He promised to be with us when we gather in His name.  If they were reigning when they gathered in His name, they reigned with Christ.  That was the case with the Byzantine Empire, a Christian empire, that lasted a thousand years.  
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a fifth dynasty 
A Beginning of an Empire - 
A tenth dynasty ended it. Constantine started the fifth dynasty of the Roman Empire.  Constantinople fell to the tenth dynasty of Islam.  The Roman Empire had seven dynasties.  The beast had seven heads and ten horns.  Here are three numbers; 1000, 10, and seven that tie history to prophecy.  There are more like 666.  
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The first thing I did was to check Daniel to see what he had to say about the word 'number' and found that it referred to years. Historians avoid the year 666. Nothing happened that year but it didn't take long to find out that Islam was getting ready to attack Constantinople, the capital of a Christian empire that would last a thousand years. This led to other key numbers like ten horns and seven heads. 


After finding Constantinople, I soon found John Chrysostom, the golden mouth who had the courage to speak out in the face of evil and he suffered the consequences. We should ask him for the courage to do the same. It has been said that the Great Schism started with him. The people loved him but not those who had to protect the corruption. He was loyal to the pope who was unable to protect him. At the time there were three great leaders: Augustine, Jerome, and Chrysostom who led the Church through a crisis not unlike the one we have today. Look to them for direction. 


a mark 
A Beginning - 
A start, a date, a year, a number.  666  Look for number in Daniel.  It refers to years.  So what happened in the year 666?  Nothing.  Historians are careful about that year.  Dating is difficult without a calendar.  A date is the most common mark on a product.  Its origin.  So what started in 666?  What calendar should we use?  
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"In this inquiry I shall unfold the events that rescued our ancestors of Britain, and our neighbours of Gaul, from the civil and religious yoke of the Koran; that protected the majesty of Rome, and delayed the servitude of Constantinople; that invigorated the defence of the Christians, and scattered among their enemies the seeds of division and decay." Gibbon's date is even more interesting. "Forty-six years after the flight of Mahomet from Mecca," Put 46 in an Islamic calendar converter and you will get 666.


The Sea of Marmara was like a sheet of glass and they used Greek fire to get a victory over the beast, It was a sea of glass mingled with fire.The year was 666. 

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a calendar 
A Dating Tool - 
A common year.  666 of the Gregorian calendar, which didn't start until 1582, will be a different year in a different calendar.  The common year for the Julian calendar was 44 BC.  622, the year of the Hijra, would be 666 in the Julian calendar.  That does require a calculation and not a count as stated in some bibles.  
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a calculation 
A Number - 
A count in some bibles.  Another example where the translators can't agree on the Word of God but they are in complete agreement with numbers.  Only numbers can be trusted to tie what has been prophesied to historical events that confirm the fulfillment of those prophecies.  You can count on them.  
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a sea of glass 
A Fulfillment of Prophecy - 
A victory over the beast.  Constantinople used Greek fire on the Sea of Marmara, like a sheet of glass, and the year was 666.  The problem with dates was noted by Gibbon.  His 46 years gets you 668 but put it in an Islamic calendar converter, a calculation, and you will get exactly 666.  An amazing fit with Revelation 15:2.   
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a common beast 
A Beast with Ten Horns - 
A connection to Daniel.  John knows Daniel who knows beasts.  The "ten horns" ties the second beast of the Apocalypse to the fourth beast of Daniel.  They are kings or dynasties which are easier to count especially if you let them do the counting.  The ten dynasties of Islam according to Islam.  
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a great city 
A Whore - 
A hatred thereof.  The Ottoman Empire, the tenth dynasty of Islam, ended the Byzantine Empire by attacking Constantinople where they reigned with Christ a thousand years.  It started with the fifth of the seven  dynasties of the Roman Empire.  Check the numbers: a thousand, 666, ten, seven, and five.  Numbers can verify your interpretation.  
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