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Just letting everyone know that the "Test Section" is private or you are the only one who can see your posts.

So you can go there and try out certain functions like messing about with the signature where you can put in a text link for free, (need to pay for the graphic option, and please go to "Newbies Start here" for the details) try out the Quote and Multiquote options and generally get a handle on things, and you can dogs breakfast your thread all you want since no other member will be able to see it.

Have fun! :classic_cool:

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Why are you here? 
I was invited. 
Why were you invited? 
To be tested. 
Why are you being tested? 
I have free will. 
Why does that have to be tested? 
It can't be trusted. 
Why can't it be trusted? 
It may not be controlled. 
Why wouldn't you control it? 
Short sightedness. 
Why would you go with short sightedness? 
A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
Why is that not controlled? 
You need two birds. 
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