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Paid Graphic Signature


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Ok, here are the rules for members who have purchased the Graphic Banner option for their signature section.

- You can link it to virtually anywhere, or your blog, website, your account held by a third party and so forth, (as long at it doesn't violate my Terms of Service, (cannot link to a naked gladiator site)).

- The purchase is a one off, or you have this option for life, (no recurring payments are required).

- Cannot link to Spammy sites, (banner farms, giraffe sites, fake diplomas, male supplements, etc) or the link has to offer some value for members.

- Graphic Signature has to be 350x50, (350 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall) and gaudy colors cannot be used, (please see examples below).

- Text has to be on the banner,  (a graphic banner with text separate to the graphic isn't allowed).

- And the banner graphic needs to be hosted off site, in order to embed the link.


These are fine, or the colors need to compliment each other or relate, (the lime green is an example only or it could be any complimentary color, and the text is an example only).


And these are out, or l don't want this forum to turn into a Mardi-Gra site, or a forum where the signature area is a mess.


This forum has a clean, minilist look that l want to maintain as much as is possible, and if psychedelic colors for the graphics or text is avoided this theme should be maintained while allowing self promotion, thank you.



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