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Landscapes of Portugal Towns and Cities


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Valênça  North Portugal

Valênça, a city located in Alto Minho, belongs to the District of Viana do Castelo 

At the beginning of the video, you can see the international bridge over the River Minho International, facing Valênça, is the city of Tuy Galicia Spain 
No inicio do video vê a ponte internacional sobre o Rio Minho Internacional de frente a Valênça fica a cidade de Tuy Galiza Espanha

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Forte da Nossa Senhora Insua distância 200 metros da práia do Moledo Portugal 

Our Lady Insua Fort 200 meters from the beach of Moledo Portugal 


Fort of Ínsua

Ínsua, inseparable from the landscape of Moledo do Minho, is a small rocky island located southwest of the Portuguese coast, distant about 200m, belonging to the parish of Cristelo. This small island was already known by the Romans, because Strabo it refers to when describing the mouth of the river Minho.

In the video see Galicia Spain.Rio Minho International Border Galicia Portugal


From 2 minutes 57 facing the computer Right side is Portugal Left side is Galicia on the river Minho, the beach and the forest is Portugal 





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