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If intelligent life is out there, what do you think they would come to earth for?

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There are a lot of conspiracies that dive into this. Some deal with mineral harvesting, others believe this life form is actually living in our oceans. There is a lot to dig through on the subject but I am curious to see what you all think. Let's just assume there IS intelligent life that is non-human... What do you think they would come to earth for?

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They wouldn't come here for us, (way too stupid) or Musk publically says that the 18 year old kid playing basketball and almost died of a heart attack had fierce opposition. Even though there is overwhelming evidence, but not for the majority who only listened to biast MSM who have pushed the safe and affective.

I read today about their rebuttel to that disturbing mainstream accurate remark in today's paper that have pushed the jab hard for years and are now desperately trying to fight facts with full page spreads about, long Covid, (side affects from lockdown and the jabs) and idiot doctors saying that even the Spanish flu dropped down to cold/flu levels after a few years like Covid has, but it is still deadly???

And that Climate emergency nonsense, yet again overwhelming evidence, (in AU, floods full dams freezing winters and record snow on our mountains) not to mention zero sea level rise doesn't matter how hard to try, (apart from the crap on some sites) if you research it you will never find any rise not even a little, it is just not there.

But there is some hope l read today if our electricity prices go up enough per month most will vote against any climate emergency nutcases in power, (the Greens being the exception).

The world is pushing the lies hard and more are waking up or finding it harder and harder to stay asleep.



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