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The Ineviatable Stock Market Crash


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I have about 30 of the best US stocks listed, and apart from two the rest were red.

I made good money the day before with this one, so l should thank Biden getting in, and this is more of a correction than a crash, least l hope so?

I had a choice between NIO, ZOOM and TESLA, previously, but ZM, was dead, NI was associated with combustion engine vehicles, (they put out CO2) and TA, battery cars, or the most likely one to do well.

Obviously there is more to it than that, but that is getting into trade secret territory.

i expected the markets to crash earlier, but since Biden, wants to force masks onto all Americans, and most likely close and restrict businesses with Curfews, and lockdowns, this shouldn't be a big surprize.




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5 hours ago, britanica said:

A family friend who follows stocks said he expects the stocks to crash again sometime in June of this year. I don't follow them enough to know what that would even look like. 

Your friend is on the money since tech, and meme stocks should be at their lowest before the possible cash cow, July comes around.

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