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How hard is it to make a plugin for WordPress?


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A but random of a question. I don't know if anyone here would know or not. A friend of mine is setting up a website and for what he needs, there doesn't appear to be any sort of plugin for that doesn't rely on buddypress which he wants to avoid. It is a basic plugin, nothing fancy. It just deals with generating avatars at random but from a selected library. So He wants to use like 200 of his own images that will be used at random for user profiles. I have some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. 

Does anyone know how hard something like this would be to make?

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I did a WP app some time ago, or hired some programmers from India. And some parts are easy to change and others are specially closed files that need specialized software to change or open.

So it is quite involved, l would tell your friend to find a programmer.



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I am fairly certain it requires paid software to code and it is not cheap. I understand wanting to make one though. Some things are lacking on the platform. There are options for making it to new members can have colored letters, whatever the first letter is of the username. They are generated at random in terms of color. One of them allows you to select certain colors to be randomized. 

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