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Archimedes Inventions/Weapons


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After watching the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Time, (well something like that) l got thinking about Archimedes and what he did to protect his city from being overtaken by the Romans by sea.


Archimedes was born in the ancient Greek city-state of Syracuse in 287 B.C. He is remembered as one of the greatest mathematicians and scientists of all time.


He used those to fire projectiles weighing almost a ton each at invaders.

Archimedes Claw

The defenders of Syracuse used this principle by firing ropes with a crow's-head-shaped device at the Roman ships and pulling on the ropes to overturn the ships or to dash them on Syracuse's rugged coastline.

Burning Mirrors


Twelfth century historians John Tzetzes and John Zonares credit Archimedes with using a system of mirrors to direct the heat of the sun at Roman ships, setting them ablaze. Zonares goes so far as to claim that Archimedes destroyed the Roman fleet this way. Many modern historians and scientists consider these claims dubious. However, a team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineering students were successful in replicating the feat of setting a ship ablaze using only mirrors in a 2005 set test, lending plausibility to the legend that Archimedes invented a death ray using mirrors.

Steam Cannon

Which allegedly used rapidly-heated steam to propel a projectile, and engineering students also successfully tested the steam cannon's feasibility, using a design similar to the one Leonardo credited to Archimedes.

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7 minutes ago, YellowDragon said:

What were the ones that shot arrows called? Those have always fascinated me. Never looked into how they work.  

That was the Archimedes Claw one, and if you are fascinated by those you have to watch the Indiana Jones latest movie, (can't say anymore without spoiling the movie).


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