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Madam Curie

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This is more about using Radium in Hospitals more than her, (anyone here can Google that one) and l removed the link related to the quote below as the image of what happened to him is pretty gruesome.


Source Google Search

Sounds familiar to the revolutionary RNA treatments that is being pushed now in the Covid vaccines/Cancer treatments and other diseases.


Eben Byers reference, you can Google that but l removed it here, since he consumed radium water til his jaw fell off.


His physician, C. C. Moyer, recommended Radithor, a remedy created by dissolving radium in water. During the mid-1920s, there was limited awareness regarding the potential for genetic mutations and cancer due to high levels of radioactive material exposure. Consequently, when a Harvard dropout named William J. Bailey introduced Radithor, it gained rapid popularity.

His Physician!

A doctor basically killed of his patients since he blindly followed the so called experts of the day!


And the Madam Curie Hospital.


Cobalt Therapy.


And more Cobalt therapy to Cure Cancer.

I hate to admit it but people getting the vaccine developing an aggressive Cancer then going back to the very same quack that injected them in the first place for barbaric surgery and more so called treatments that will most likely make it worse is insane.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or in this case not so good!

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The only therapy to truly "cure cancer" is clean water, clean air, and eating the right foods. You need to have everything balanced in your body in order for it to heal itself. I heard H202 therapy is another option when you need more help but they don't really do that here in the US it seems. 

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1 hour ago, Truthseeker1 said:

Then there is excess stress.

I remember reading a study awhile ago, maybe back in 2010 where they talked about stress and the impact of positive vs negative thinking. It went in to detail how with proper sleep and positive outlooks on life, your body can generally heal from anything. Even with a less than ideal diet. It also stated that 70% of illnesses and issues within the body are brought on by stress itself. Which to me, is crazy! I think this is why young people are less healthy today. That and not sleeping right or eating right. It seems to all come down to hormones. 

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