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Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

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Looks like she is at it again. And apparently the world is on fire, (full video) funny hard to see the fire with so many extreme cold events happening globally?

So we call people trying to wake others up, (irony gag) alarmists, lol, l wouldn't say that, "cultists, nutcases, fanatics" or people compensating for being dropped on their heads at birth perhaps, but not that.

I won't mention the Laptop she is using, which can only be made with high temp, smelters using substantial amount of electricity, using reliable coal or gas.

She will give her "I hate you all, baaaa" speech next year!




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This is a climate fruitcake at its finest, she cannot admit that cyclones are fewer in number, so makes it personal then uses the well worn out "people are dying, so l am right" comeback, but facts are facts and her climate cult is nothing more than hot air.



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Maybe I am alone here... Well, no I know I am not. The earth will be fine. It has an intelligent mechanism to take care of itself. You ever see a forest fire completely destroy everything? What happens after - without any intervention from man? It comes back. It always comes back. We need to focus on fixing ourselves lol

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