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Best Songs of the 60's, 70's & 80's


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By now you would be thinking, surely l couldn't find any more great lost hit songs, nope, here is another one.

Jennifer Rush - Flames of Paradise, (and yes Elton John is in it).

Great 80's, flashback video, and song.




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I must be running out of great, 80's, hit songs by now? Nope! And l put in the extra effort, as a thank you for making this the most popular thread on my forum.

Thanks guys, enjoy. :classic_happy:

Kids in the Kitchen - Change in Moods.

Dragon - Wilderworld (1984)

v.Spy v.Spy - Don't Tear it Down

BIG PIG - Breakaway

Jo Jo Zep feat. Jane Clifton - Taxi Mary (1982)

Rockmelons - Rhymes (1987)

Geisha - Part Time Love Affair (1986)

Rupert Hine - Misplaced Love (1981)

Kids In The Kitchen - Bitter Desire

Machinations - No Say In It

Models - Hold On (1987)

Machinations - My Heart's On Fire

Machinations - You Got Me Going Again




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