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The Next Zelda, (for Switch) Set 100 years prior to the one on the Wii U.


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But this one has up to 100 nasties to fight instead of the less powerful Wii U, version that can only handle about 10 at a time, (l am still playing it, even though l have completed the game).

Unfortunately not backward compatible, so l will have to scratch up for that one, (December 20 is the release date 2020).

A sequel for the Breath of the Wild one is also in development, but hopefully this one won't have the blurry sections.

Clearly it will be some time before Nintendo releases their next console to compete with the PS5.


This has a demo game play for your computer, etc, which l will try out, (not affiliated, just sharing).




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Just bought Yonda, (tough game to find, but l managed to find one in a store) last one. :classic_happy:

And Zelda, (Age of Calamity) is getting pretty hard to get through, (l have had to change it to EASY, so l can actually complete it. And it appears you can fight up to 1000 nasties at one time, (albeit some are at a distance).

The characters look a little weird since they are done in a comic style, but once over that, this has a lot of "that Golden Fleece, 1960's movie vibe.

Geesh, l finish or thrash Zelda for the Wii U, get a Switch for $50 off, and find it has wall to wall variants of it, great, but Yonda first, (l will be fed up with slaying nasties on mass,and will look forward to the opposite).



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Made a start on Yonder, and a great game although hard to read text, (came out in 2017, or before the Switch lite appeared).

With beautiful graphics and vast open world game play.

In Zelda, (WiiU) distant objects will appear when close enough, a term they refer to as blocking; but this with a more powerful graphics card, much less, or distant animals don't disappear when far away, which add's to believably.

Days are much shorter than Zelda, but the sunrises and sunsets in this game, phew.

Enchanting is the best word for this game, and certainly worth hunting it down, (they won several awards for design and music).




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Saw this in the store today, and even though l already have another one lined up, (Immortals, above) this may be next.

Some of the best graphics l have seen for the Switch, (l always like later release games, as they figure out how to max out the processor and games look more impressive).

This is giving PS5 a run for its money, (which is saying something).



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