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China Reaches Mars


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Original image found here, and even though the quality is terrible, l still found these.


Top image, has clouds, which look suspiciously thick, and something that looks more like a structure than a cloud.

The bottom image does show a lot of lines or pretty strong evidence of a town or city, (had to push the contrast/sharp tool pretty hard to get this).




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The Tianwen missions aim to explore Mars’s internal structure, geology, and of course search for the signs of life. Zhurong rover is a part of this mission that aims to study the topology, analyze soil, atmosphere, and survey minerals, rocks, and other elements it’ll find. Zhurong has several instruments, such as a climate station, ground-penetrating radar, magnetic field detector, and several cameras. However, I haven't heard any news from this chinese mission

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On 3/24/2022 at 5:15 AM, britanica said:

I feel like people have already been doing stuff on mars for a few decades now but we are always going to be the last ones to know about it.

Just think about it. Why would they tell us anything unless they can make money off it lol

Agreed, Mars has always been the second Earth like planet in our system, (going by the water drops l have found on the Cur, rover and Hubble images), but it seems that the blue atmosphere magically disappears when a space based probe points a camera at it.



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On 3/26/2022 at 9:43 AM, Honor said:

Always appreciate the expert explaining these science imagery to public who show interest but have no idea what  to look at

Its not really that impressive,  there have been  like 9 other spacecraft  to land on mars

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The way Elon talks about Mars, it really makes me wonder why he believes we will be on Mars in his lifetime. He is like 50 years old, so let's assume he lives to be 85, that is within 35 years. There must be a reason he believes that as the information we have been given about Mars thus far would imply we are at least 50+ years out from people actually living there. 

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