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Ingenuity (helicopter)


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According to NASA, it is a chore for the blades to get enough lift, in the 1% of our atmosphere.

I don't see it having issues, lifting off?


And in between the usual, the rover gave us a weather update,


On Saturday and Sunday, the rover’s Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer, or MEDA, reported a high temperature of minus-7.6 degrees, and a low of minus-117.4 degrees. That rivals the coldest temperature measured on Earth — minus-128.6 degrees observed at the Vostok weather station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983.

Which means according to the next example, the mars drones battery will deteriorate quickly, in -7 to -117.



For example, the temperature on Mars [51] can be as low as −120 °C, which poses serious challenge to the use of LIBs in astrovehicles for space exploration. At these low operating temperatures, LIBs will show slow chemical-reaction activity and charge-transfer velocity [42], which leads to the decrease of ionic conductivity in the electrolytes [52] and lithium-ion diffusivity within the electrodes [53]. Such decrease will result in the reduction of energy and power capability, and sometimes even performance failure.

Funny thing is NASA is always harping on about minus 200 at night being common, and that the rovers chassis is heated to protect its electronics.

But the Mars drone has been separate to the rover, for days with no protection, apart from some insulation.


About as close as we will get to tech, specs on the drone.


So the Mars drone, with sensitive electronics, and sensors, can somehow survive on Mars with insulation only?

So unless Ingenuity, (drone) starts having tech, issues and/or its battery's this year, it is proving yet again, that NASA is fibbing.

I can guarantee that it won't for years on end.




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The results show that a noise that would travel several kilometers on Earth would die after a few tens of meters on Mars. Quieter sounds would travel far shorter distances, making eavesdropping on a quiet conversation nearly impossible.

So we shouldn't be hearing anything, unless.

And believing that plastic blades can spin at 2400 rpm, is pushing inevitability.

You can just hear the drone in this video, which sounds normal or typical drone sounds on Earth, and notice when it is hovering in mid air, or pretty bad vertical control, or a good sign that the blades are not spinning at ultra high speeds, (ultra-high speeds would be showing solid vertical stabilization).

Mars has 18% oxygen or slightly less than Earth, and this is just another brick in the wall.




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NASA is about to use Ingenuity, which has spent $ 80 million in development, to explore areas that a six-wheeled rover cannot reach, as well as to create 3D maps of the planet’s surface and solve other scientific problems. The purpose of the rover’s mission is to try to find traces of possible existence in the distant past of life on Mars.

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Just now, William said:

I've seen the first step on the moon by Neal Armstrong and know the first flight of a little helicopter on Mars. These are great times to live in

Now we have to manage to live long enough to see humans on Mars.

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