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NASA wants to start colonizing campaign of Venus with the help of some floating platforms


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A few words about the exploration of Venus. NASA wants to start colonizing campaign of Venus with the help of floating platforms. Personally, I consider the colonization of  Venus a useless idea. Who wants to live in a flotilla above a totally inhospitable environment? I mean if it were the only option for survival then yes, otherwise not worth it. Also completely unworkable from a colonization perspective. To be a colony it needs to have a significant if not total ability to be independent. There is no way that some flotilla in the atmosphere of Venus can supply its own raw material needs for manufacturing as mining the surface of Venus would be well beyond what a flotilla environment could manage. Perhaps might be feasible and reasonable for NASA or the like to put a floating research station there with rotating crews and regular supply runs, but that would be about it. IMO NASA puts out silly things like this just to keep the public's interest in space so they can continue to get funding. All pipe dream nonsense, but it captures the public's imagination.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7A0O_4J5LE

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In a few words this is rather good and interesting project. I is already used by some private space agencies. Land observation satellite it`s rather useful technology that can help scientists to observe some areas in order to take part in the environmental preservation campaign. It`s much better than colonizing Venus with some floating platforms.

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