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Dan Andrews Has been Slapped


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The Belt and Road will be torn up, and he has to pass the Covid restrictions past an independant panel now, instead of keeping us Victorians in a lockdown and curfew and mask wearing that could have lasted for 5 or more years.

And if his ideologically is behind this, probably 10.

A great day for our state.





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Our clown premier, is destroying peoples lives with his itchy trigger finger.


Warning course language.

I did quite well through this nightmare, but am pissed off, that people like this are being thrown under the bus.

We should be managing the most vulnerable, and society should be completely open.


And in Victoria, Au, we have had Zero, Covid deaths, (including the Delta one) this year.


Our Premier is a climate emergency nutter, as is his team, and is destroying as many small business's as he can, to reduce CO2 and to keep getting the Greens Emergency Powers, even though it would make virtually no difference, and Australia is breaking cold records, everywhere.

He also wants to make us 100% hydro, battery, solar and wind, dependent in 4 years time, or in other words, completely destroy our grid and economy,

Melbourne is already destroyed, with rampant bike lines and bike areas everywhere as well as these, unnecessary knockdowns.


Time will tell if our leader makes it through til the election, next year, but it is becoming the French Revolution here, with the elite stepping on top of his minions, til they crack.




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As l said, Dan Andrews locks us up for the Delta variant, which the UK study has reported as being no worse than the flu, and is destroying peoples business's for the flu. 40,000 have had enough, (l bet MSM won't say a word).



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