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Mars Curiosity Stealth Mission

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Ok, a new thread for a new forum, and as you can see the first video which l did 7 years ago, shows that l have been scouring through Curiosity images since it landed, and making a lot of discoveries alone the way.

This video was done 7 years ago, but still has some hard hitting material.

And this very recently, with a lot more hard evidence, (this shows what l have found over the last few years, or the highlights).

So sit back, enjoy and be enlightened. :classic_happy:

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This shows another Martian sunset, (SOL 0612) at the right hand corner, with no all blue sky, mountains in sight.


This is either Spirit or Opportunity, which shows no all blue anything!


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Top images, at sunset show no dark blue sky, and the right hand one shows plants, (Color Picker, Photoshop "CP" shows green) with the bottom image showing what looks like a childrens depiction of the rover, (Doesn't look like an evil race ready to enslave us, to me)?


Sun is still setting, with a bright blue/white sky, NASA should be ashamed.

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Left plants or the rovers shadow, right, we get a real look at a martian sunset, (pink clouds, blue hills and green blobs here and there, "plant life") but the area around the sun is blue, but nothing else is!


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Ok, right, the rover cam, turrent, middle/left plant life, (middle, left CP shows strong grass green).


Top, Mars real sunsets,  or all cream/orange clouds.

Bottom ones are my favorite, arrows show the rover, (left, right) but take a look at the green blob on the right, (CP shows very strong grass green) with the blue hills and orangy clouds just visible. Or definitely not the rover, or a plant on Mars in other words.

Dead rock, lol, sure.


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Bottom, what appears to be a landscape of plants, and top, (l thought that this might be rock carvings, but later realized that it is the rover, red arrow) and also thought that the things on the right where stand alone plants, (blue arrow) but after a lot of studying they are unfortunately the rovers wheels and support frame.


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